Majid Al Futtaim + Sultanate of Oman

Digital storytelling
in the land of
frankincense & myrrh

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Majid Al Futtaim + Sultanate of Oman
Muscat, Oman
Scope of work
  • Print collateral
  • Sales & Experience Centre
  • Plaza Kiosk Design
  • Sensoreal Digital Platform
  • Remote servicing client portal
  • Golf Course interpretive signage design
  • Video editing
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Website campaign design
  • Interior Design
  • 3D Design
  • Airport welcome wall

Al Mouj Muscat is a stunningly beautiful contemporary, yet authentic integrated tourism development within Oman’s historic capital city, founded 900 years ago. Martins Brand House developed a digital interface that enabled the rich stories of Al Mouj and the whole of Oman, to be told in a manner far more compelling than has ever been possible before. Customers feel both nurtured and empowered through the experience, while at the same time the sales team have rich data at their fingertips.

Martins Brand House extended the storytelling to a unique journey through Al Mouj’s Greg Norman designed championship golf course, where the story of the 173 bird species and an incredible array of sealife come to life in sculptural pieces that inform and add to the sense of place. The sealife is further brought to life through a hands-on children’s experience where they can create their own fish or turtle and see it swim in a digital aquarium.

Every touch point from international digital campaigns to eBrochures, tailored customer portals to video content, is underpinned by captivating storytelling of one of the world’s most incredible places.

Digital storytelling
in the land of
frankincense & myrrh

All the human senses were engaged through the creation of a customer journey that brought to life the mystique and captivating beauty of one of the world’s most enchanting places.

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