Cedar Woods

Far from retiring

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Cedar Woods
Glenside, Australia
Scope of work
  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Sensoreal
  • Signage
  • Television and Radio campaign
  • Online campaign creative
  • Display village branding and campaign

Our approach was to reposition the category – through a nexus between marketing that connects with the Boomer generation and product design that aligns with their lifestyle ambitions rather than a stereotypical model of what they need. Our client Cedar Woods backed in our thinking and supported the creative direction 100%, in a partnership of sharing a vision and backing it the whole way.

The new integrated campaign combines the cool and trendy audience of the 1960s and 70s with the modern luxury and amenities of Bloom apartments today. The idea of ‘work’ taking on a new perspective, not only resonated with retirees, but also those still working on their own terms.

The headline “Far from retiring” cleverly identifies our product – communicating what it is by saying what it isn’t.

With retro style back in style and of appeal to younger generations discovering how cool the 60’s were, depicting the Boomers in their youthful heyday struck a chord. It made for impactful advertising, whether on billboards, digital channels or TV.

Far from retiring

When Cedar Woods decided to create a new category of apartment living aimed directly at Baby Boomers entering their retirement years, Martins Brand House saw the opportunity to redefine traditional over 60’s marketing.

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