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Thinking small, winning big time.

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AVID Property Group
Queensland, Australia
Scope of work
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Campaign Development
  • Print collateral
  • Sensoreal
  • Sales & Visitor Centres
  • Signage
  • Social media
  • Video content

Charged with the task of reinvigorating the existing community of Covella and bring it into the fold of AVID Property Group, a totally fresh start was required. At the core of this requirement was to unlock the greater potential of the project and set it up for future success.

The first step was developing a thoughtfully crafted brand strategy, underpinned by the Martins Brand House principles of Meaningful, Memorable, Moving and Motivating, to unleash a potent platform for marketing and community development.

This involved digging deep and embracing true authenticity, and ‘bottling it’ in a captivatingly charming manner. This is where the refreshingly simple yet powerful phrase “Hi Neighbour” was born, as the central creative idea, embracing the intrinsic warmth and friendliness of Covella.

From that day on, a star was born, propelling remarkable unstoppable success on all levels: sales momentum, community engagement and legacy creation.

This positioning stance purposefully evoked a sense of nostalgia, drawing inspiration from old-fashioned sayings, creating a quirky and endearing tone and manner that set Covella apart from competitors far and wide. Indeed, it 'warmed the cockles of the heart' of homebuyers far and wide, who were captivated by the Covella lifestyle proposition.

The implementation of the "Hi Neighbour" rebranding initiative was multi-faceted. It encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of marketing materials, community engagement efforts, and placemaking initiatives. Marketing collateral such as brochures, advertisements, and digital content were infused with the warmth and friendliness embodied by the new brand identity. Martins Brand House also developed a comprehensive social media strategy and style guide to ensure that the communication approach followed through seamlessly. Community development initiatives were launched, including regular events, activations, and celebrations including Neighbour Day and long table dinners designed to foster connections among residents and instil a sense of belonging.

The results of the Covella neighbourhood brand revitalisation have been nothing short of extraordinary. Sales have surged, exceeding expectations and outperforming previous metrics, with sell-out after sell-out land releases, achieving price growth of over 30% and cost per lead drop by over 75%, with a conversion rate of lead to sales improving over ten-fold.

Existing homeowners have embraced the new brand identity, feeling a renewed sense of pride in their community. Moreover, the rebranding efforts have successfully attracted new buyers who are drawn to the authentic and welcoming atmosphere of Covella. The placemaking and community development initiatives have further strengthened the bonds among residents, creating a vibrant and cohesive neighbourhood.

Covella has also won a stack of awards, including the 2023 Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Queensland winner of Brand Revitalisation Excellence and National Finalist.

Moving forward, Covella is poised to continue thriving as a beacon of community spirit and genuine connection.

Thinking small, winning big time.

While overcoming the dominance of grand-scale and ‘flashy’ competitors may have seemed a daunting challenge, Martins Brand House revelled in the opportunity to create success by thinking small and intimate.

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