Intrapac Property

An adventurous success.

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Intrapac Property
Queensland, Australia
Scope of work
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Sales & Experience Centre
  • Video content

Up against 14 notable competitors, our challenge was to carve out a special niche and win the hearts of family homebuyers. Our finding that in just one generation, children are spending over 3x more screen time than outdoor time, was something that we sought to rebalance through a nexus of the brand voice and placemaking to create somewhere that brought nature to the fore. In essence, reawakening and delivering adventure into everyday lives!

And so WhiteRock was born, a canvas for an adventurous life for 2,500 families, with its own neighbourhood shopping centre and school, adventure playscapes and nature trails, wrapped and threaded with nature. Thus, WhiteRock emerged a brand seamlessly intertwined with nature, from its nomenclature to each touchpoint of the customer experience.

At the core of this branding endeavour stood the strategically positioned Sales & Discovery Centre, overlooking a tranquil lake, evoking the ambiance of a National Park Visitor Centre. Martins Brand House identified the site and form of the centre, creating a unique destination hub. The deliberate immersion in natural surroundings echoed WhiteRock's commitment to revolutionising sustainable community development in the Ripley Valley and Springfield region.

By infusing elements of adventure and environmental consciousness into the brand identity, WhiteRock distinguished itself amidst competitors. Typography and colour schemes reminiscent of adventure brands signalled a departure from the mundane, captivating environmentally aware buyers.

Yet, the ingenuity didn't halt there. The placemaking strategy embraced the essence of national parks, fostering communal bonds through endeavours like partnering with Trees For Life and integrating fitness trails and adventure playgrounds. By situating the Sales Centre along the water's edge, prospective buyers were beckoned to envision themselves immersed in nature's splendour from the outset.

From day 1, WhiteRock surpassed expectations, achieving remarkable price appreciation over the coming months, and establishing a new pinnacle of excellence in South East Queensland. This triumph underscores the seamless fusion of marketing and placemaking strategy, a steadfast commitment to fulfilling promises, and a genuine aspiration to cultivate a canvas for the quintessential Australian lifestyle—paving the way for healthier, happier generations ahead.

Bravo to our client, Intrapac Property, for following through with extraordinary attention to detail.

An adventurous success.

Embracing the Explorer archetype, Martins Brand House crafted a brand strategy and creative platform that underpinned Intrapac’s new project, propelling it to extraordinary success.

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